The BA Elevation coaching program


Before starting the program, you’ll have a phone call (or, if preferred, an email exchange) with Adriana to establish your top coaching priorities. On the table are the following critical skills for business analysts:

  • How to clarify the business needs driving your project even when the project’s business goals, vision, and scope are ill-defined.
  • How to develop common agreement on business requirements even when the business is not being able to make up their mind and requirements are constantly changing.
  • How to get all stakeholders on the same page on the capabilities your organization is trying to add, increase, or enhance even when the project sponsor is impatient to get detailed requirements written for the project.
  • How develop a solid requirements work plan so you can more easily negotiate adjustments when the business asks for unrealistic requirements deadlines.
  • How to adjust to an agile approach requiring a more incremental and iterative requirements process when most of your experience has been in a waterfall model.
  • How to prevent the costly mistake of writing software requirements that fail to deliver the expected business value.
  • How to approach learning a new business domain without becoming overwhelmed or disappointed with your slow progress.


  • Gain confidence on how to approach a new BA job when you need to quickly develop the ability to understand and converse in the business domain specific to the particular industry and organization you’re joining.
  • Perform better at job interviews by improving your answers to questions like “tell me about a time when you had to handle a project where there were conflicting requirements”.
  • Increase the value you deliver to your organization by developing the ability to go beyond stated stakeholder needs and desires to clearly articulate business objectives and clarify how your project will support them.
  • Get better at estimating how long the requirements work will take, both in projects using a traditional and agile approach.
  • Improve your credibility with your boss and business stakeholders by taking a more proactive stance on requirements planning, prioritization, and incremental delivery.


  1. Write to or use this form to ask any questions or express your interest in this coaching program.
  2. Adriana Beal will write back to you with further questions an information on the results to expects from participating in the program.
  3. Once you’ve been approved to start the coaching program, you’ll receive a link to submit your payment for the first five weeks of coaching ($497) and your agreed upon starting date.
  4. On the starting date, you’ll receive the first email from Adriana detailing your next steps. These steps may include reading a case study and sending back a homework assignment, or writing down the details of your current project or a past project that didn’t go well and you want to replay in a simulated setting so you can receive constructive feedback and develop better strategies for next time.
  5. From then on, you’ll continue to exchange emails, and when appropriate, have conference calls with Adriana to discuss the actions that move you forward.
  6. When your initial 5 weeks of coaching finish, you and Adriana will evaluate your progress. Depending on your goals and time availability on both sides, you two may discuss the possibility of continuing with the program. Additional 4-week windows can be purchased for the same price (the first coaching window has an additional week to accommodate establishing initial context regarding your work situation, experience level, background, etc. before the practice starts).

Interested in joining this program?

There are a few spots available with a choice of start date of Feb. 20 or 27. If you’re interested in taking this program, write to or use this form to get in touch.

If you’re unable to join this month, the next opportunity should happen in April 2018. We recommend subscribing to our infrequent newsletter to be notified when enrollment reopens.

About the coach

Adriana Beal has developed a successful career in business analysis and product management, having lead the investigation of business problems, defined winning solutions, and written requirements documents for a large number complex software projects. As the principal consultant at Beal Projects LLC, she works with SaaS and software development companies to improve the value delivered by software projects. Besides developing product strategy for client organizations, Adriana still writes business requirements and user stories for high-visibility software projects, and is frequently hired to audit the requirements written by product owners and business analysts in companies both large and small.

Adriana is the author of the online program Crafting Better Requirements and the praised ebooks Tested Stakeholder Interviewing Methods for Business Analysts and Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts. She is a regular presenter at IIBA conferences and monthly events, and the host of the Business Analysis Leadership group, an online community founded in 2016 to help members get new ideas, tools and processes that can mean the difference between failure and success as a BA manager.