Developing your BA “superpowers”


Few things can help us find work that’s interesting and rewarding than getting really good at a rare and valuable skills that are relevant to the work we do (also known as “superpowers”). For that reason, recommends a 3-step approach to help you become a “super hero” who thrives as a knowledge worker:

Step 1: Pick one (not two or three) new skill you think would really help you create more value in your organization. 

Step 2: Do some research to find out one effective resource that can help you learn and practice this new skill (links below to some recommended areas of improvement for business analysts).

Step 3:  Eliminate distractions and focus on working your way up the ladder in the skill you selected.

Ready to go? Below are three proven frameworks and a coaching program to help you develop four superpowers that lay the foundation for you to consistently make your work more valuable as a business analyst. Pick one subject, and carefully start to block time for some in-depth work developing the skill:

Superpower #1: Uncover the Real and Underlying Problem or Opportunity That Your Project is Meant to Address (Even When Stakeholders Are Unable to Articulate it for You)

Superpower #2: Consistently Get Stakeholders Engaged in Requirements Discovery (Even When They Say They Are Too Busy and You Should Already Have All You Need)

Superpower #3: Make your Ideas Heard (Even When You’re an Introvert in a World Dominated by Loud Voices)

Superpower #4: Deliver Flawless Software Requirements that Wow Business and Technical Stakeholders

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