Developing your BA “superpowers”

  Few things can help us find work that’s interesting and rewarding than getting really good at a rare and valuable skills that are relevant to the work we do (also known as “superpowers”). For that reason, recommends a 3-step approach to help you become a “super hero” who thrives as a knowledge worker: … [Read more…]

How to stop non-BAs from taking over the requirements work?

Photo Credit: Marcello Maria Perongini A reader asks: In my organization, it’s common for a business or technical person to take over the requirements documentation task for an internal system without involving one of the business analysts. This is clearly causing quality issues with the final solution, employees frustrated with systems that don’t let them … [Read more…]

What can managers and BAs do to prove the value of business analysis?

Executives that have first-hand experience with high-quality business analysis don’t need convincing: they are aware of the key role a dedicated business analyst can play in software projects, from separating user “wants” from the underlying true needs to identifying unobvious dependencies before they create issues. But not all executives have had the experience. And when all … [Read more…]