Beyond SMART Goals: Effective Goal Setting for Business Analysts

Goals are the mechanism by which companies launch their people in a
performance journey. Learn how effective goal setting can eliminate confusion about how each business analyst can contribute to the organization’s success.

Information Elicitation Framework

Get a refresh on techniques to elicit the right information from your stakeholders so you can develop requirements for a solution that solves the right problem.

The 3 Tests of Effective Performance Measures for Business Analysts

To get better at our jobs, we must monitor our performance in an effective manner. Being aware of the common pitfalls of performance measurement isn’t sufficient to avoid them, but a process can help. These 3 Tests of Effective Performance Measures will help you choose better indicators to monitor your own performance, or the performance of business analysts who report to you.

How to Win Over a Difficult Customer

Follow these 3 principles with all your customers/stakeholders, and you will not only create goodwill with disgruntled customers, but will avoid having difficult customers in the first place.