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Praise for Crafting Better Requirements

Agile Track

Adriana’s timely and elaborate suggestions throughout this course have been a great help to me. I have been a software developer for the past 8 years and wanted to transition into a Business Analyst role. The components I learnt as part of this course helped me with my interview process. I am glad to let you know that I was interviewing for the past few weeks and I am starting my BA career tomorrow with a new employer.
– Priya

Being involved in a high profile agile project at work lead to challenges I had yet to experience in my experience with traditional waterfall methodologies and led me to the course. Adriana helped me to understand key concepts of the agile approach while providing a lot of background context outside of the course itself. Responses to questions and assignments were knowledgeable, prompt and provided immediate value that I could deliver to my project. I would highly recommend this track to anyone involved in an agile project!
– Michael

Traditional Track

Adriana’s instruction/supervision of my online training for “Crafting Better Requirements” was outstanding. Despite my broad experience as Business Analyst, Adriana deepened my understanding and expanded my skill through the thoroughness of her interaction with me.
– Dan Shumaker

Adriana’s feedback has been very thorough and helpful. It has not only helped me learn how to write better requirements, it has also given me glimpses into the uncertainties and messiness in the “real life” of a BA (I am currently working as a Technical Writer even though I have the job title of BA). It is much appreciated.
– Linda Q.

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