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  • Are you in charge of supervising the work of business analysts and/or setting standards and best practices for a group of BAs?
  • Do you experience feelings of isolation as you tackle BA supervisory responsibilities without the support of a mentor or peers?
  • Have you gone from analyst to BA manager or lead BA, and now feel you’re neglecting supervisory responsibilities working to complete yet another analytical task due to the power of old habits?
  • Are you struggling with providing constructive feedback for low performers or frustrated with an analyst who seems to need constant hand holding?
  • Do you ever wonder whether you’re being effective at protecting your team against unrealistic expectations on the part of demanding stakeholders?

Leading BAs is a hard job. But it can also be very rewarding.

The Business Analysis Leadership group is an online community providing peer support and step-by-step guidance on the fundamentals that help BA managers produce and sustain great results. Discussions in the group’s forum already cover how to match capacity and demand for BA services, how to ensure BAs act on feedback during requirements reviews, and the differences in skill set required for a “project” BA vs. “program” BA.

With its majority of members in the U.S., this group also includes BA leaders from other parts of the world, like U.K., Japan, Australia, and other countries. The group’s host, Adriana Beal, has 15 years of experience in business analysis, with 8 of which including supervisory responsibilities over a team of BAs.




Get access to proven techniques to set effective goals and hold BAs accountable to them; delegate specific responsibilities and ensure they’re executed well; create a results-oriented culture; make quality decisions; hire, develop, and retain a team of superstar BAs; address performance problems effectively; and much more. You’ll also get access to a number of tools, like sample scripts for talking about performance problems, worksheets for delegating strategically, and much more.

Is this group for me?

The group is meant for professionals who fit one of the following profiles:

  • BA manager responsible for managing a team of business analysts, with hiring, mentoring, and developing responsibilities.
  • A practice or program lead responsible for coordinating or improving the work of other BAs.
  • A senior business analyst with at least 5 years of experience preparing to move into a BA leadership position like the ones indicated above.

I’m ready! Take me to the application form!

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What can I expect to get?

Here are some benefits you can expect from joining:

  • Get input and feedback on how to solve BA management problems and issues from successful individuals. You get tried, tested and proven solutions that you can apply to your BA team now. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Free yourself from the feeling of isolation: the realization that someone else is going through the same pains as you are lifts the worry and anxiety of managing a team of business analysts.
  • Get new ideas, tools, processes that can mean the difference between failure and success as a BA manager.
  • Form lasting relationships with high caliber professionals facing the same challenges you have.
  • Get satisfaction from helping others achieve their own BA leadership goals.

What is the format of the group?

Adriana Beal, a recognized leader in the BA community with 18 years of experience in business analysis and job titles ranging from Lead BA to Director, Product Management in companies of sizes 40 to 400,000 employees, hosts this unique group.

The group space consists of a discussion forum and a library of resources organized by topic. You’ll be able to interact with your peers, and also get access to a number of guides and tools, like sample scripts for talking about performance problems, worksheets for delegating well, and much more.

Unlike other forums where the forum owner is nowhere to be seen, Adriana will be there daily. And each question you submit is answered in detail, including links to academic research and other relevant sources, such as contributions from other recognized leaders in the BA community that Adriana has access to.

Sample list of topics covered:

  • The top 5 practices of high-performance BA teams
  • Establishing a solid requirements management process in your organization
  • Interviewing and hiring BAs
  • Defining work assignments
  • Delegating strategically
  • Setting goals and expectations
  • Measuring performance
  • Providing feedback
  • Delivering a meaningful performance review
  • Preparing development and performance remediation plans

Not sure if I have time for more information

Let’s face it: we’re all drowning in information. And yet we need more information to be able to amplify the results from our team and keep on top of our new challenges as a leader. Now, any blog or podcast will give you a ton of information. What’s different about the Business Analyst Leadership group is that here the information is short, concise, pragmatic, and suited to you and your specific challenges as a manager or leader of other BAs. It’s also filled with real-life examples specific to the BA domain, to help you go from concept to practical application.

Unlike a search engine that will return unverified information that doesn’t necessarily address your issue, the answers you’ll get in the BAL group are specific and backed by empirical evidence. For example, if you want to know what to do to improve BA productivity without taking a hit to team morale,  you’ll be given a checklist to follow, with clear steps and warnings about what NOT to do. If the information you need doesn’t exist, Adriana will create it, even if it requires producing a whole report written just to answer your  question. And if needed she’ll tap into her network of experienced professionals who have done the job and whose informed opinion can be trusted. The advice you get will come from real leaders just like you– people who think about managing and hiring business analysts and setting up systems for improving the performance of BAs pretty much constantly.

What if I want to discuss a managerial problem anonymously?

Besides being able to post your questions and share your ideas directly to the community forum, you’ll have the option to submit sensitive questions anonymously through a form to get the support you need for a tricky situation while preserving employer-employee confidentiality. Your question will be posted anonymously to the group for discussion, and you’ll be able to continue to provide additional information via the same private form until you’re satisfied with the help you’ve received from the group.

How much does it cost?

Your investment is USD 105 every three months. You’ll be placed in a recurring PayPal plan that you can cancel at any time.

What if I don’t like it? What is your cancelation policy?

So far none of the members asked for a refund, but we offer money back guaranteed if you decide to cancel your subscription during your first week. If you cancel any time after that, you’ll continue to have access to the growing library of content for the entire duration of your 3-month subscription, and will not be charged again after the first payment. To cancel your membership you can either log in directly to your PayPal account to remove your recurring payment, or simply write us an email and we’ll take care of the rest for you, no questions asked.

What does your application process look like?

The process is very straightforward. When you click Apply Now, you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire. Your answers will remain confidential and be reviewed directly by the group’s host, Adriana Beal. Admittance will be based solely on the candidate having a matching profile. Approved candidates will be provided with a link to start their subscription and receive their credentials to log in to the group website. If you have questions about the application process, you are welcome to write to adriana [at] bealprojects [dot] com.

Managing people is hard. Not only do you have to know how to set stretch goals for your teammates, you have to lead them in executing the plan masterfully.

To help you excel as a BA manager or lead BA, the Business Analysis Leadership group is going to give you proven strategies that you can implement right away to improve your management skills.