Beal Projects LLC is located in Austin, TX, and was created by Adriana Beal to shift the focus of her work from “jobs” to “projects”.

To quote from the great Seth Godin,

Jobs are finite, specified and something we ‘get’. Doing a job makes us defensive, it limits our thinking. The goal is to do just enough, not get in trouble, meet spec. When in doubt, seek deniability.

Projects are open-ended, chosen and ours. Working on a project opens the door to possibility. Projects are about better, about new frontiers, about making change happen. When in doubt, dare.

Through Beal Projects, Adriana works with partners in Austin and NYC to deliver value to companies of all sizes working on the B2B space in the following areas:

  • validating business ideas for SaaS products using a proprietary outcome-based framework that identifies the important underserved outcomes that your customers are looking for (and willing to pay to achieve);
  • performing data mining and quantitative analysis (cluster analysis, algorithms, statistics, regression, classification) and producing data visualizations to uncover actionable insights about customers & business processes;
  • applying design thinking in business-to-business contexts to improve business and customer outcomes through the design of features and products that are usable, valuable, and delightful;
  • defining effective product messaging and go-to-market strategy;
  • designing survey instruments with clear language and unbiased questions that balance qualitative and quantitative research  to ensure data provides actionable insights for better decision-making;
  • analyzing the results of surveys and correlating them with face-to-face customer feedback.

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