BA skills

Eliciting information

How to go from problem manifestation to the real problem to be solved

How to deal with ambiguity at the beginning of a project and not feel paralyzed

Information Elicitation Framework (whitepaper)

Tested stakeholder interviewing methods for business analysts (ebook)

Becoming a domain expert

How to avoid the curse of knowledge

How not to feel incompetent or overwhelmed when changing industry or business domain

Developing influential power

How to convince your stakeholders to follow your recommendation when it contradicts the direction they set out for your project

Don’t ask for recognition, earn it

How to Win Over a Difficult Customer

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to become a star BA

Avoiding mistakes

A DON’T list for business analysts and product managers

The top 5 mistakes IT business analysts make when writing software requirements

How to help your project succeed

Three lessons business analysts can learn from product managers

Fighting the impostor syndrome

How to avoid the impostor syndrome

For BA Managers

Are you only testing for “chauffeur” knowledge in your hiring process?

Increase the success rate of your software projects by changing your reward system

The 3 Tests of Effective Performance Measures for Business Analysts (whitepaper)

Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts (ebook)

Who is in charge of the requirements for your outsourced software project?

Beyond SMART Goals: Effective Goal Setting for Business Analysts (whitepaper)

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Here’s what to do when you find your next “big idea” for a B2B SaaS business

3 big mistakes startup founders keep making

Product Management

Stop prioritizing features

Beware of “special features”: the myth of a good problem to have

Why prioritizing features based on number of customer requests is a terrible idea

Feels great to know your product is loved


A key question to ask before you embark on a data and analytics journey

It’s time for business analysts to add machine learning to their “bag of tricks”

Why it’s so difficult to extract real sales insight and predictions from AI


Modern Analyst

Practical Analyst


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Bridging the Gap