Beal Projects

Predictable product success is within reach

Whether you're the founder of an early stage startup looking for product-market fit, a general manager of a portfolio of SaaS products trying to avoid misdirected resources, or a product leader interested in understanding why a competitor's product is selling better, Beal Projects can help.

Since 2004, Adriana Beal, principal consultant at Beal Projects LLC, has helped more than twenty U.S. based innovation companies of all sizes and industries converge faster to a winning digital product through quantitative and qualitative analysis of the customer, market, competition, and technology environments.

Based on this successful trajectory, Adriana developed an evidence-based framework to ensure that the right kinds of qualitative and quantitative inputs are collected from customers and prospects and translated into actionable insights that clarify where the greatest business opportunities lie.

In a typical project, Adriana provides the following services:

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