Who is this for?

This coaching opportunity is meant to help BAs who fit into one of two categories: 1) starting a new job and interested in getting advice to navigate the difficulties of working in a new business domain, or trying to figure out how to structure your work and how to choose the artifacts to produce to deliver value to your new team; 2) starting a challenging project in which you can benefit from having a set of fresh eyes to bounce ideas off of, or dealing with organizational issues that create obstacles for being a high performing business analyst in your current role.

Why coaching?

Many participants of Crafting Better Requirements get in touch after finishing the program to ask if Adriana has other online courses (for example, on how to elicit the right information from stakeholders as input for the analysis and specification phases). Because training alone rarely works, Adriana avoids offering online and in-person training, and prefers to provide coaching, as happens with the CBR program.

Why now?

Adriana has just finished her latest consulting project, and is on a retainer with some client organizations. This means that for the next couple of months, she has both the time and financial backing to offer coaching to a limited number of business analysts who can benefit from receiving guidance from an experienced business analysis professional at a much lower cost than her hourly rate.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 4-week coaching period is only USD 250.

How does it work?

In order to be considered for this coaching program, write to or use this form to get in touch. Describe your situation and what kind of advice you're after. Adriana may ask questions to clarify your circumstances before approving your participation. If you are starting a new job, you'll be asked to notify Adriana once you are in your new role. You'll then receive a link to a page to submit payment and start receiving advice and recommendations appropriate to your situation. You'll be asked to send weekly updates explaining what you've done based on the advice provided, and continue to receive weekly advice for the duration of the coaching project (4 weeks total). During the 4th week, you and Adriana will reevaluate your situation and decide whether to continue the coaching relationship or not, and if so, at what price point (which may be higher or lower depending on the level of continued support you need).

Can I send requirements documents for review as part of this coaching program?

Yes, if you're already in the phase of writing requirements for a project, you're welcome to send your drafts for review. Keep in mind, though, that Adriana will not be rewriting or performing a comprehensive peer review of your requirements documents; she'll give you feedback and recommendations about how to word and organize your requirements, but it will be up to you to perform the necessary revisions in your document based on the input received.

Can I get help for the requirements elicitation process?

As Adriana states in this this LinkedIn article, skilled BAs don't elicit requirements, they elicit information that is then distilled, validated, and analyzed in order to produce high-quality requirements. And yes, if you join this coaching program, you can get coach on how to interview your stakeholders, how to ask the right questions to avoid confirmation bias and missing requirements, and more.

Can I join this program if I'm currently without a job?

No, unfortunately this program is only helpful for business analysts currently employed or just starting a new job doing BA work. You're welcome to let us know you're interested in coaching once you've found your next job, and we'll put you in a priority list to receive coaching from Adriana in the future as her availability permits.

If this program is not for you but you know a BA who's just getting started and/or could benefit from this skill development opportunity, do them a favor and forward the link to this time-sensitive opportunity today!


How to apply

Send an email to with a brief description of your current circumstances and why you're interested in this coaching program.

Note that the number of available slots is very limited, so even if you just want to learn more to see if this program is right for you, do get in touch as soon as possible to avoid losing this rare opportunity.

Reserve corporate seats

Beal Projects LLC allows select companies to reserve seats for Adriana Beal's coaching program. Send an email to the address above, or use this form to inquire about pricing and availability.

BA coaching with Adriana Beal is offered by