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Adriana Beal

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    Born and raised in Brazil, Adriana Beal has been working in the U.S. since 2004, helping Fortune 100 companies, innovation companies, and startups build better software that solves the right problem and aligns with business strategy. Adriana is a recognized leader in the international business analysis community, with frequent invitations to speak at events sponsored by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and other international organizations. Prior to becoming a permanent resident of the United States, she received an O-1 (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) visa from the U.S. government.

    In her consulting work, Adriana often uses her expert-level analytics skills and experience in techniques such as: time series data analysis, segmentation, univariate & multivariate statistical analysis, predictive modeling, key performance indicator development, test design and significance testing, variance and growth calculations, forecasting, return on investment to help companies of all sizes achieve competitive advantage. She has two IT strategy books published in her native country, and work internationally published by IEEE and IGI Global. Her educational background includes a B.Sc. in electronic engineering and MBA in strategic management of information systems received from two of the most prestigious graduate schools in Brazil.

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    Adriana helped us out tremendously in preparing for our Beta Test. Her direction and vast amount of experience in UI has provided us a greater chance of success. Her ability to identify issues and provide suggestions for better overall user acceptance was instrumental and elevated our project to a much higher level. She has a unique ability to look at a project gather all the information needed and then give a clear direction on how to proceed. This has saved us a substantial amount of time now and in the future because of a well thought out road map. Our project is now moving quicker and on budget because of her talent and professionalism. I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and timelines and cash flow can make or break a company. If you are looking for a professional with the highest amount integrity and skill sets possible in this industry Adriana is far above anyone I have ever worked with.

    ~ Mark Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer, - Austin, Texas August 02, 2012

    Adriana was asked to jump into a complex project only a few weeks prior to implementation to address requirement deficiencies and subsequent software repairs. Within only a few days she was able to meet with our business managers to expertly identify the issues that needed to be addressed and relay the issues to our development team. She worked closely with our development team to document the testing and user acceptance requirements and supported the business user during the testing and implementation of the application. As a result of her skills a considerable amount of rework was avoided and the project was put back on track and completely within the allocated budget.

    ~Arnaldo Carrera. Chief Information Officer, Safra National Bank of New York, April 18, 2011

    Adriana is one of those people that has a fast reasoning and can apply that to generate results in a very short time. She is able to quickly filter information, getting what is relevant, dropping the irrelevant data and creating a useful and insightful report. This ability can save upper management a lot of time being very important during any decision process.

    ~ Rodrigo Botafogo, MSc, MBA , Chief Technology Officer, CertiSign Certificadora Digital S.A., March 24, 2008

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    Articles in LinkedIn


    From E-Business Strategy to IT Resource Management: A Strategy-Centric Approach to Timely Scheduling Web Requests in B2C Environments
    Third IEEE International Workshop on Business-Driven IT Management April 2008


    Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts
    Tested Stakeholder Interviewing Methods for Business Analysts

    Books published in Brazil

    Strategic Management of Information: How to Transform Information and Information Technology in Growth and High Performance Drivers
    Editora Atlas, Brazil, 2004 (several reprints)
    Information Security: Principles and Best Practices
    Editora Atlas, Brazil, 2005 (several reprints)

    Book Chapters

    "The Role of the Business Analyst in the Context of Green ICT" (In: Handbook of Green ICT)


    Beal (2011) puts forward some excellent reasons why skilled business analysts are required even in Agile work. For example, the "just-in-time requirements of Agile, together with anticipated early user feedback may not always discover missing or inaccurate requirements. The argument here is that systems thinking, which considers in-depth impact of one activity or event on the rest of the system, may not always come naturally to many of us."

    Unhelkar, Bhuvan. The art of Agile Practice: A composite Approach for Projects and Organizations- . CRC Press, 2013.

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    Recent & upcoming

    Beyond Stated Needs: Using an Intentionality Map to Avoid Common Requirements Pitfalls - IIBA Austin Meeting - Mar 2018
    Digging Deeper: Tested Techniques to Clarify Business Goals and Align Software Requirements with the Corporate Strategy - IIBA Houston - Jan 2018
    Digging Deeper: Tested Techniques to Clarify Business Goals and Align Software Requirements with the Corporate Strategy - IIBA Heartland Conference - Sep 2017
    The Adventurous BA: Transform Yourself Before Transforming Your Organization - IIBA Austin Business Analyst Monthly Meeting - Jun 2017


    Digging Deeper: Tested Techniques to Clarify Business Goals and Align Project Requirements with the Corporate Strategy - IIBA Austin Business Analyst Development Day - Aug 19 2016
    From Business Analyst to Product Manager: Challenges and Opportunities - IIBA Houston Chapter Event - Jun 9 2015
    From Business Analyst to Product Manager: Challenges and Opportunities - IIBA Austin Chapter Event - Apr 17 2015
    Building and Sustaining the BA Profession in 2015 and Beyond (Panelist) - IIBA Austin Chapter Event - St. Edward's University - Jan 16 2015
    The High-Performance BA: How Measurement can Help Business Analysts Achieve and Sustain Top Performance - IIBA Madison Chapter - Nov 17 2013 at 5:30pm
    Unleashing the Power of a Performance Measurement Program for Business Analysts - IIBA Spotlight Webinar - Oct 15 2013 -
    How to Win Over a Difficult Customer - IIBA Philadelphia Chapter - Mar 14 2013
    So good they can't ignore you: the recipe for finding bliss in your business analysis career- IIBA Austin Chapter Event - Jan 18 2013
    The Case for Business Analysts in Agile Environments
    Feb 2012 IIBA - Austin Chapter
    5 Top Mistakes Management Makes With BA Performance Measurement Programs (and How to Avoid Them) - IIBA Austin Chapter - Jul 2011
    Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts - WI BADD (Wisconsin Business Analyst Development Day) - Oct. 2010
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    Current Social Project

    Digital Inclusion teaching underprivileged children and adolescents how to use a computer and increase their chances of becoming productive adults with well-paying job. More than 200 participants trained between 2012 and 2013.

    Previous Work

    Project HAND TO HAND. Improved the quality of life of 700+ children in Samambaia Sul, Central West, Brazil. The volunteers contributed with work, material and money to build a playroom and a playground for the children, and sponsored many events to entertain and educate the children and provide community services for their families. 2 groups of mother artisans were successfully trained in building their own sustainable business so they could work from home while taking care of their small children.

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